I am not sure how it happened but I know exactly how I felt. Numb, sick, my world shattered. How did this face of a little girl on my phone take my breath away? How did it get there? What were these words underneath? I stood in the park, still holding the handle of my buggy but not aware of my own children. Only aware of this face, these words and this new knowledge “Hello, I am Jane. I am your children’s half sister”.

The funny thing is that I believed her. Why did I believe her. This was out the blue. My husband didn’t have time to have another child. I would have known….she only looked 3 years old. We were married for 8 years with two children, 6 and 4. Both older that this one, Jane. That meant the unthinkable. I wasn’t thinking. I couldn’t think. Should I think? What did I do now?

Was this Divorce? My husband had this other child and there was a mother. A woman my husband was in a relationship with. She had my number. This photo was in my phone for a reason. A text sent by a woman I didn’t know who knew me and wanted me to know. Wanted my children not to be the only ones. My husband had three children. Not two. Two families not one.

I turned the buggy towards home. No feeding the ducks today. I had questions to ask and I hoped to god that there were answers other than the ones now swirling around my mind.