I was 15 when my mum and dad split up. They told me that they had not been happy for years. They said that life had been difficult for them and now they knew the best thing was to live their own lives. They wanted me to be happy for them. It was not my fault, after all, but just one of those things.

The only thing was that I had been happy. Life had been fine. Mum, Dad, my two sisters and the dog. We were a family. A normal, every day sort of family. But, none of it was real for my parents. They were unhappy and wanted it to change…….but I didn’t! My family was my family. I remember. It was good and I hated my parents for taking everything away.

I looked at mum with her new partner. I was supposed to like him. At what point in all of this was I meant to care for a stranger who now was supposed to care for me, simply because he goes out with my mum? I love mum but I wish she wouldn’t keep pushing her new “happy home” on me. Was this now my happy family…no way. The more mum asks me to like this man the angrier I get. Please leave me alone. Don’t ask me to want this future. Don’t tell me that its better now. I am a cuckoo in the next.

I need time. I need my dad to talk to me about why this happened. Why I am the only one to miss how things were. I don’t know what to think. I will be off to College soon. Maybe I will concentrate on that. Who knows.